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FAQ by VanCo

Q: How secure is giving online?

A: The security of your member’s transactions is incredibly important. The same security standards we have for online giving apply to kiosks and giving by text. We meet the highest standards of security across all of our giving options.

Q: Can donors set up recurring donations?

A: Yes. If donors have a GivePlus account or choose to create one, they can log in and select the frequency of the transaction during the donation process. If your church has multiple funds, donors can select different frequencies for each fund.

Q: How quickly are donors’ GivePlus Online gifts processed?

A: One-time debit and credit card donations are processed immediately. ACH and recurring debit and credit donations received before 3 p.m. CT Monday — Friday will be processed that day. ACH and recurring debit/credit donations received after 3 p.m. CT on Friday will be processed the following business day.

Q: How do members know when their donations are processed?

A: Members receive immediate confirmation via text and email that their donation was received. After a text donation has been processed, it appears on the member’s credit card or bank statement.

Q: What payment methods are accepted with GivePlus Mobile?

A: GivePlus Mobile supports donations via all major debit and/or credit cards you accept today, as well as ACH donations.